Marc "Mogwai" Palmer ► Vocals


The singer of the band and definitely the hardest.
He's got a beard, tattoos and loves nothing more than belting out a blistering vocal over a pounding rock foundation. But usually, you'll find him trying to fit in a nice flowery ballad into the set - okay, we lied about the hard bit...

Jerry Bennett ► Lead Guitar


Jerry is a fully trained guitar ninja and has been known to incapacitate a member of the audience from 50ft away with his frighteningly advanced techniques. Jerry frequently uses unorthodox effects to create his unmistakable sound - basically because he doesn't know what half of the knobs do and he refuses to read the manual...

Darren Grainger ► Bass


Definitely the coolest member of the band with his shiny guitar and hair products. Girls often stop Darren mid-song to ask "What are you doing tonight" usually, we suspect, because they're not certain if he's playing the right notes or not? Darren also likes to make his own guitars - just in case the music business doesn't work out for him...

Ben Lamb ► Drums


Ben is the drummer of the band and like all drummers, you'll often find him locked away in the shed, battering away into the early hours, usually until his hands are sore! When he's not doing that he enjoys hanging around with musicians, playing the drums and stuff like that...

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